Home cured and traditionally smoked sliced pastrami – Dry cured in salt, sugar and spices before being air dried and smoked over oak chips £25kg

American style corned beef  Topside or brisket of beef brined in herbs and spices and then simmered until meltingly tender £22kg

Beef Jerky – Lean topside beef marinated for 24 hours before being smoked and dried £40kg


All of our bacon and gammon is cured with salt containing a small amount of nitrites and sugar. It is turned daily by hand until cured. It is then air dried to develop the flavour. Our smoked bacon is then cold smoked over cherry wood for a delicately smoked flavour.

Traditionally dry cured short back bacon £14kg

Traditionally dry cured streaky bacon £14kg

Traditionally dry cured and smoked short back bacon £15kg

Traditionally dry cured and smoked streaky bacon £15kg

Dry cured gammon £10kg