All of our pigs live in the woodland surrounding the farm. This is the most natural environment for them as they spend their days rooting and wallowing, doing just what a pig should do. We rear our pigs naturally without the use of routine antibiotics unless absolutely necessary for the animals well being.

We currently have four breeding sows including a large black, two Gloucestershire old spots and a duroc cross saddleback. We also have a duroc boar. We have found that traditional breeds give the coverage of fat and taste we are looking for while the duroc adds a level of marbling to the meat that is not found in other breeds.

We rear our pigs slowly and take them much older than commercial breeders, which adds to their excellent flavour that has been likened to “old fashioned pork, how it used to taste.”


Our beef comes from our pure bred limousin cattle, which are out at grass all spring, summer and autumn. In the winter the cattle are brought inside where they are fed home-grown grass and clover silage and barley allowing them to be reared in a stress-free traditional manner. Limousin beef is known for its outstanding lean, tender meat, low in saturated fats.