We are a small 350 acre family run farm on the outskirts of Retford. Matthews family have been farming here for over 70 years and for the last 20 years have been breeding top quality pedigree Limousin cattle for showing, breeding and the beef market. When I met Matthew I just had a few of my own chickens but since moving to the farm this has gradually increased to a mixed flock of around 50 hens and ducks.

I have always been a passionate foodie and aimed to be as self sufficient as possible and use local seasonal produce. I was surprised that Matthew’s family didn’t eat their own beef and from here Home farm produce was born. We realised that we couldn’t eat a whole beast all to ourselves so we sold a few beef boxes.

We quickly progressed to buying some weaners and rearing them in the woodland surrounding the farm and within the year we have produced our first two litters of free range, rare breed piglets.

We pride ourselves on rearing our animals to the highest of welfare standards in the happiest environment we can provide. Non of our animals are routinely treated with antibiotics and are raised as naturally as possible. Our cattle are predominantly grass fed with the addition of some home grown, home produced Barley. Our pigs live in the woodland and are free to roam and forage for roots and insects and display their natural piggy behaviour.

All of our products are completely home made by myself and Matthew in our 5* rated kitchen. We only ever use our own home reared meat and eggs in all of our products so there is full traceability and provenance.